Gnocchi Zuppa Toscana Soup is a truly comforting soup that takes just under 30 minutes to prepare. The soup has a creamy texture from gnocchi, freshness from kale and a little kick of spice! You will love it!

This soup reminds me of the two of our favorite recipes: the Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana Soup and Olive Garden Chicken Gnocchi Soup. Now you get to have the best of the both worlds.

Gnocchi Zuppa Toscana in a bowl

Zuppa Toscana is a soup of Tuscany. Typically it’s spicy – made with kale, potatoes, beans, celery, carrots and onions. As time has passed, people have adjusted the ingredients to their own liking.

Last fall we got lucky enough to visit Tuscany. Now it’s my dream to retire there. I love the people, the country side and just everything. I tell my husband if I ever go missing, find me in Tuscany.

How to Make Zuppa Toscana Soup?

  • Prepare all ingredients ahead of time to make the cooking process quick.
  • In a cooking pot, brown Italian sausage, then add onions and cook until they’re golden brown.
  • Add water or broth to the sausage and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. This will create delicious broth flavors.
  • Add kale, gnocchi and half and half to the mixture. Season to taste and bring to a boil.
  • Remove from heat and enjoy.
Gnocchi Zuppa Toscana soup in a pot

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