Have there been foods from your childhood which carved memories way into your adulthood? These creative, little Pizza Rolls can definitely leave those sweet memories for your little ones.

Pizza Rolls on a baking rack

You will need to prepare the Overnight Pizza Dough for this dish. For the filling, I used the classic pepperoni, but you can change things up and fill those rolls with almost anything you perfer.

I’ve drained all of my energy levels for this summer, while my kids don’t seem to be short if it. We have been going to a lot of places with them, just to make memories for the summer break. There is so little time to spend in the kitchen, that’s why I love making larger batches and freeze foods for later. These pizza rolls are a perfect candidate to freeze for later. Stack them in a ziplock back and when you are ready, reheat them in a microwave or even better, an oven.

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