Sweet Cheese Bourekas are a delicious Middle Eastern hand pies. They make a perfect dessert or a breakfast treat. 

Sweet Cheese Bourekas on a baking rack

Holiday season is all about baking, but it’s also a very busy time. That’s why I love these easy quick recipes, they make all baking hassle free.

What are Bourekas?

Bourekas are essentially a pastry. The dough is either made from puff pastry and the more expensive bourekas are made with layers of phyllo dough.

They rooted from Israel and are traditional eaten at special occasions. There are many types of different fillings including: cheese, potatoes and mushrooms are a popular one among savory recipes and of course the sweet bourekas are filled with fruit!

Bourekas are often served with pickles, tahini sauce, hard boiled eggs and a chopped salad. Sometimes, you’ll even be served with a yogurt drink!

Where to find the best puff pastry?

I tried puff pastry from a few different stores and so far my favorite is from Trader Joe’s. I think they use the better quality butter that makes the dough flavorful.

You can also make your own puff pastry: Quick Puff Pastry Dough

Ingredients forSweet Cheese Bourekas

How to MakeSweet Cheese Bourekas

Follow the printable recipe below to make the dough and prepare the cheese to fill the dough. You will divide into equal portions according to how small or large you want the end result to be once cooked. Top with coarse sugar and bake as directed.

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