Pelmeni are the Russian version of dumplings. They’re mostly served on cold winter days with sour cream or just butter. Kids and adults both love them, they are a true Russian comfort food.

Two bowls with pelmeni and sour cream in background

Pelmeni originated from Siberia, no wonder my husband loves them so much. He immigrated to US from Siberia at nine years of age.

Russian Pelmeni can be made by hand or by using a mold. In Russian language, the mold is called “pelmenitsa”, you can get one for yourself on amazon. The mold will always speed up the process of making the Pelmeni.

Have you tried the Georgian Dumplings? It’s like Russian pelmeni, but with a “twist”!

What Russian Pelmeni Are Made Of

The dough is made with flour, water, eggs and seasoned with salt. The filling is made with ground meat, onion, salt and pepper. The best meat to use for the filling is pork or a combination of beef and chicken.

Make Pelmeni Using a Mold

Make Pelmeni by Hand

Tips For Storing Pelmeni

Place the raw Pelmeni on a flat tray, dusted with flour. Generously dust them with flour on the outside. Leave them in a freezer until they harden. Place the frozen Pelmeni in a ziplock back. They can be kept frozen for several months.

Can You Pan Fry Pelmeni?

If you have leftovers, reheat them by frying Pelmeni with butter. Fry them only for a few minutes, just until the outside achieves a golden crust.

Pelmeni on a cutting board with meat being done

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