• Breakfast in Bed Casserole

    3 years ago

    I made this dish using Johnsonville® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SausageFamily

    Father's Day is around the corner, and who is up for the challenge to impress your hubby? You can make the first part this dish and let it bake while you pretty yourself up for him, I am such a mess when I wake up. Who's with me? Then, you bring his breakfast in bed and the rest is a mystery...

  • Quick Buttermilk Waffles

    3 years ago

    Let me just say, I am a lazy cook. That is how I am still able to make homemade meals. I cheat and mostly use very simple recipes because I am so darn busy. Can anyone relate to me? Kids yelling in one ear, laundry in another and dirty floors bothering your feet.. I am sure we can all relate!

    This waffle recipe is THE RECIPE I used for every cabin trip and a lot of weekends. It is so...

  • Quick Berry Coffee Cake

    4 years ago

    Last week when I prepared this coffee cake, it was gone within minutes. That weekend, breakfast turned out fancy, my cup of coffee was tastier with this cake and especially kids loved it. They were not very happy when we ran out the cake, so I figured that I should surprise them again. They loved it!

    In this recipe I am using raspberries, but you can replace them with any other berries...

  • How To Make Perfect Bacon

    4 years ago

    I used to hate making bacon, it left stove tops in such a mess, but this oven method has made my life so much easier. It really is easy to make your own crispy bacon at home, in a matter of minutes.

    I would suggest making a few packs of bacon at the same time. Crispy bacon can be stored in the refrigerator and easily reheated within seconds, in a microwave.

  • Best Coffee Cake Recipe

    4 years ago

    As much as I want to make a Honey Cake or Golden Key Cake, I cannot stand the heat in the kitchen. So, I've been going to Plum Pies and coffee cakes for dessert, for the last few days. How normal is it, having tried numerous cake recipes, during the past few years, not to have had a favorite one? This cake changed things around.

  • Chocolate Waffles Recipe

    4 years ago

    I often serve waffles for breakfast or dessert, because they're easy to make and delicious. These Chocolate Waffles are more filling and in a way, feel like having a cake for breakfast. We spend our weekends together as a family, so for us, these waffles made a good start to our day together.

    The Chocolate Waffles have a rich chocolate flavor,...

  • Sweet Cheese Cookies

    4 years ago

    These cookies are inspired by the traditional Ukrainian pastry, called Sochniki. They were common, back in the old days. They were usually very huge in size, filled with farmers cheese filling.

    This cookie dough is crispy, while the inside is creamy; it makes a great combination.

    This recipe makes about 80 large cookies; if you don't plan on sharing, you might want to cut the...

  • Apricot Jam Recipe

    4 years ago

    Last year I've made a ton of Prune Jam, and it went quick. Guests asked for seconds and by the time we shared a few with family and friends, it was down to little.

    Apricots are quite popular in foods, such as yogurt and jams, for its flavor. But also, apricots are no less flavorful and thus make a great candidate for jam.

    This jam goes well with my boys'...

  • Stuffed French Toast Recipe

    4 years ago

    Every spring we take a trip to the Oregon state coast to experience the breeze of fresh air, walk on sand and maybe watch a sunset. As a habit, we go around local restaurants, those you see operating from their homes or have owners serve food. With the help of Yelp, it's much easier nowadays to find a good place to eat.

    While in Lincoln City, we discovered...

  • Cheese Dumpling Recipe

    5 years ago

    These easy dumplings are a lazy way of making Russian Farmers Cheese Varenyky at home, in just a fraction of the time.

    A friend of mine shared this recipe after her trip to Ukraine. Since my husband is a huge fan of Varenyky, but rarely do I find time and patience to make it, this recipe was a must...