• Pelmeni

    4 months ago

    Pelmeni are the Russian version of dumplings. They're mostly served on cold winter days with sour cream or just butter. Kids and adults both love them, they are a true Russian comfort food.

    Pelmeni originated from Siberia, no wonder my husband loves them so much. He immigrated to US from Siberia at nine years of age.

    Russian Pelmeni can be made by hand or by using a mold. In...

  • Ukrainian Dumplings aka Galushki

    4 years ago

    As most of you know that I am Ukrainian and my hubby is from Siberia. His grandparents are form Ukraine, so he is pretty familiar with Ukrainian foods. Galushki (dumplings) were one of those things that I had introduced him to. For me, they bring so much memories because I pretty much spent my whole childhood eating these. My grandma made them very often and I'm so happy I got to try them....

  • Easy Homemade Chicken Broth

    4 years ago

    I was refusing to make my own chicken broth for many years, but the day I made some, I was regretting for not doing it earlier. If you haven't made broth at home, I would highly recommenced it. It does simmer for a very long time, but it's not much hands-on.

    This chicken broth will infuse a soup with great flavors, but can also add flavors to many other recipes, such as rice or other...

  • Spinach Dip Lasagna Recipe

    4 years ago

    Most people, that I know, love spinach dip and they also happen to love lasagna. Aha!!! This doubles the love for this recipe. Just imagine eating a dip as a lasagna dish, it's unbelievably delicious!

    I know that I haven't yet posted a spinach dip recipe, and I do have just a perfect recipe for you, hang in there. But for now, give this lasagna a try. Making a homemade lasagna is...

  • Lazy Cabbage Rolls

    4 years ago

    Our whole family loves Cabbage Rolls, but due to the busy life schedules, I don't get to prepare them that often. I've tried to form a lazy cabbage rolls recipe in my early years of cooking, but it didn't come close to our expectations. This time, however, it was a different story.

    This recipe is a replica of the original taste, but takes so much less time to prepare...

  • Pizza Rolls Recipe

    4 years ago

    Have there been foods from your childhood which carved memories way into your adulthood? These creative, little Puzza Rolls can definitely leave those sweet memories for your little ones.

    You will need to prepare the Overnight Pizza Dough for this dish. For the filling, I used the classic pepperoni, but you can change things up and fill those rolls with almost...

  • Chocolate Waffles Recipe

    4 years ago

    I often serve waffles for breakfast or dessert, because they're easy to make and delicious. These Chocolate Waffles are more filling and in a way, feel like having a cake for breakfast. We spend our weekends together as a family, so for us, these waffles made a good start to our day together.

    The Chocolate Waffles have a rich chocolate flavor,...

  • Overnight Pizza Dough Recipe

    4 years ago

    The Quick Pizza Dough recipe, which we've been using for the past few years, has been amazing for fluffy pizza crust. However, while being on our trip to Italy, we've discovered a whole new variety of pizzas, and our favorite ones, were with thin crust.

    Thin pizza crust requires a specialty dough that has rested in a refrigerator for some time. That's where Overnight...

  • Crispy Chicken Burrito Recipe

    5 years ago

    One of the top sellers at the restaurant I worked at, was a Crispy Chicken Burrito. These burritos are crispy on the outside, with shredded, creamy chicken on the inside. Many years later, my husband and I still stop by that restaurant to satisfy the craving.

    I know you guys will like them as much as Russian Pastry Chebureki. And as a bonus, they make a perfect prep...

  • Easy Homemade Pasta

    5 years ago

    I got hooked on homemade pasta when I tried Olga's Recipe. I like using her recipe when I have egg yolks left over, after baking Macarons. But during the days we don't have egg yolks laying around, I've been sticking to this recipe.

    Making homemade pasta by hand is very simple,...