• Perfectly Moist Cupcake Recipe

    20 hours ago

    These moist, vanilla-flavored cupcakes will melt in your mouth with a light sweetness. This recipe is made from scratch, but is just as simple to make as a boxed mix.

    I worked on perfecting this recipe. I wanted to make cupcakes that have a hint of vanilla flavor. And I finally did it! These came out perfectly moist and with an ideal balance of sweetness and light flavor. In fact, these...

  • Fruit Piroshki Recipe

    1 week ago

    Looking for a fruit piroshki recipe? Not only are these the best-tasting fruit piroshki I have ever made, but they are also perfect for any occasion. Make them for a snack, pot luck or just for a tasty treat.

    For this recipe you will need to head over to my all time favorite, Perfect...

  • Ferrero Rocher Cake Recipe

    1 month ago

    This Ferrero Rocher Cake came out of my addiction to Ferrero Rocher candies. They're heavenly and I cannot seem to get enough of them. Perhaps that was my biggest motivation to create an entire cake recipe, based on the Ferrero Rocher candy.

    The Ferrero Rocher cake is one of my favorite creations. Yes, it’s a cake, but it so closely resembles my favorite candy! It’s a perfect birthday...

  • Easter Bread (Paska)

    1 month ago

    Paska, aka Easter Bread in Northern Europe, is a big part of the Easter tradition. Conventional Paska Bread consists of a round shaped, sweet tasting bread with raisins.

    This recipe is my all-time favorite Paska Bread. I've made it many times and have never been disappointed. The process seems to be lengthy, but it's actually pretty simple, as long as you follow the steps....

  • Strawberry Jello Poke Cake

    3 months ago

    Jello Poke Cake is perfect to serve for special events. If you're hosting a crowd with kids, this dessert will be a hit. Between my two boys, it is usually gone within a few days.

    Jello Poke Cake is versatile; depending on the event you are hosting, you can switch out the jello flavors. For the 4th of July, we like to do red and blue, for bright birthday parties, we mix up several...

  • Chocolate Raspberry Truffles

    3 months ago

    Using just 3 ingredients, make the most amazing melt-in-your-mouth, rich Chocolate Raspberry Truffles. They turn out stunning and make a beautiful gift.

    Chocolate Raspberry Truffles are probably my all-time favorite chocolates. I once bought a very expensive raspberry truffle which I was hoping to share with Tim. However, his assumption was that I got it for him, so he ate the whole...

  • Madeleine Cookies

    5 months ago

    This Madeleine Cookies are French shell shaped cookies. They are crispy on the outside and soft like cake on the inside. It's a quick and easy recipe you will love.

    These cookies, sometimes referred to as the Classic French Madeleines, are actually considered small sponge cakes. Over the years people have started calling them cookies because of their shape. I think it really depends who...

  • Coconut Macaroon Recipe

    5 months ago

    Coconut Macaroons are delicious, gluten-free cookies made with just a couple of ingredients. They are easy to make and come together in minutes.

    The white chocolate dipped bottom, combined with colorful sprinkles will make this the most sought after cookie in your Christmas cookie collection. Make it with kids and they’ll have a blast, it does have sprinkles after all!

    Thanks to...

  • Whipped Shortbread Cookies

    5 months ago

    These Whipped Shortbread Cookies are buttery, light and tender. They're so easy and simple to make, that it requires only 4 ingredients that most of you already have.

    These cookies are the staple holiday cookies to make. The finished product can be very versatile. You can finish them off being chocolate dipped or just covered with sprinkles.

    Whipped Shortbread Cookies can be made...

  • M&M Cookies

    5 months ago

    These M&M Cookies are chewy and soft, filled with a crunch of M&M chocolates.

    These cookies are the best cookies you will try. Typically it's hard to have that perfect consistency of chewy and soft. But, with this recipe you get the perfect result with almost no effort.

    What makes these M&M Cookies special is that you can choose the colors of M&M's to match the...