• Bird's Milk Cake

    3 days ago

    Bird's Milk Cake is a custard cake, also called "Ptichye Moloko". Bird's Milk Cake is moose-like, covered in rich chocolate ganache and a nice hint of fruits on top.

    Bird's Milk Cake might be an odd name, but it's a very common Russian dessert. Most kids that grow up in Russian culture have tried Ptichye Moloko. It's also popular here in the states, you can find it in most...

  • The Best Peanut Butter Cookies

    2 weeks ago

    This is the best recipe for classic peanut butter cookies. These cookies are soft and irresistible. They go perfectly with a cup of milk or latte.

    5 Reasons Why This Is The Best Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

    1. This recipe does not require special ingredients. Chances are, you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen.
    2. This recipe is so simple, it's...
  • Dulce De Leche Cake

    3 weeks ago

    This Dulce De Leche Cake is very quick to prepare and will become your favorite in no time. With just 6 ingredients, you can make your own delicious cake. Dulce de leche frosting cakes have become my favorite, if you try it, it will be yours too.

    Tips For Making The Dulce De Leche Cake

    • It's very important to keep the butter at a room temperature when making the frosting....
  • Amazing Orange Almond Cake Recipe

    1 month ago

    The following recipe has been contributed by Love from Munchkin Time.

    This is a delicious almond cake, infused with orange flavors and a kick of fresh pomegranate. This scrumptious combo is a must try if you are an orange lover.

    This is a modern version of a classic Romanian almond cake. Romania is known for...

  • Easiest Rolled Baklava Recipe

    1 month ago

    This will be the easiest Baklava recipe you'll come across. It's flaky, chewy, nutty and yummy! Just giving you a warning, you might have trouble observing a diet with this one. I was hoping to share this Baklava with friends, but it was gone too quick and too soon. Baklava is very common in Turkey, and sometimes you may hear others refer to it as a Turkish dish.

    How to make the Best...

  • Easy Pumpkin Creme Brulee Recipe

    1 month ago

    The following recipe has been contributed by Dina from Simply Home Cooked.

    If you’re a fan of pumpkin, this creme brulee recipe is just what you need for your pumpkin spice fix. It has all the elements of a crème brûlée (smooth cold creamy custard, and caramelized sugar crust), but with a pumpkin spice kick!

  • Starbucks Morning Buns (Copycat)

    2 months ago

    These Copycat of Starbucks Morning Buns are going to be your favorite. Using a No Knead dough will make your life so much easier. If you are beginner baker, this is the recipe for you.

    Morning Bun Tip and Tricks

    • Prepare the dough a day or two ahead of time, this way it doesn't take too much time on the day you're baking them
    • The dough can be refrigerated for up to...
  • Banana Apple Bread Recipe

    2 months ago

    The smell of Banana Apple Bread reminds me of the fall season baking. Having brunch together with friends at home, filled with baking aroma. The sound of Washington rain and a cup of hot coffee. I love this recipe for all the thing I just listed.

    I love the apple chucks and the crunch you get from walnuts. This makes a perfect, filling breakfast treat.

    This recipe is easy to...

  • Chocolate Dipped Figs

    3 months ago

    During the season, figs are a staple in our house. I usually pick up a box of them from Costco or Trader Joe's. We use them as a snack or while hosting. We often create a cheese plate and compliment it with figs, making it a beautiful arrangement.

    This recipe is extremely versatile, pretty much any chocolate you have on hand would work. If you wish, you can also use crushed nuts,...

  • Steamed Blueberry Vareniki aka Pierogi

    1 year ago

    These puffy steamed Vareniki are my mom's or maybe grandma's recipe. To this day, each summer my mother would makes these. I do remember visiting my grandma when I was little, and she would serve us the same vareniki, but they were giant. Maybe she made them that big because she had no time to make so many little ones or perhaps she liked it that way.

    They are not your common recipes,...