Ferrero Raffaello Cake Recipe Recipe

Just like its sibling Ferrero Rocher Cake, this cake doesn't lack in creative description. If you've ever had tried Raffaello Chocolates, you will recognize this cake immediately. It's moist, and tastes like candy with every bite. With the flaky snow-ish coconuts on the outside, this cake is perfect for winter.

P.S. The candy in the recipe were also made, and boy are they finger-licking delicious! Ferrero Raffaello Candy Recipe

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Serving size:
1 hr
40 min
Ready in
1 hr 40 min


Preheat oven to 350F. Beat 5 eggs (no need to separate them) with almond extract and sugar, until it’s three times in volume. Using a spatula, fold in flour by thirds; be very gentle with dough, so you don't over mix it and lose the fluffiness.
Place batter into a greased 9 inch pan. Bake it for 30 minutes, use a wooden toothpick to check for readiness. If the cake is baked, dough should not stick to the toothpick.
Beat softened cream cheese with butter and condensed milk. Add coconut flakes and dry milk, beat until it's well combined.
Forming the Cake
In a small bowl, combine milk together with condensed milk and set it aside. Slice baked cake into three pieces. Soak each piece with the milk mixture. The easiest way to soak is to spread an equal amount of liquid over the cake, you can use a brush or a spoon.
Apply cream to each cake piece, cover crushed almonds and wafers. Repeat with the other slice.
Decorate the outside of the cake with remaining cream, candies and coconut flakes or as you wish.
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