5 Minute Flax Wheat Bread Recipe

If you've noticed lately, our blog has been looking healthier, it's because in 2015 I made a goal to work on nutrition more. Yeah, we are still sticking to it and I'm loving it.

My weakness is bread and anything similar to bread, like sweet buns etc.... As I learn more about nutrition, I've learned that we should eat breads, but they have to be a healthy type of bread. Whole grain breads are typically hard in texture, but this recipe makes it fluffy and wonderful. This bread is so healthy and so amazingly delicious. Our boys and my husband Tim, absolutely love it. I've been using this bread in Tim's lunch boxes and also as grill cheese sandwiches for boys.

If you don't bake your own bread, you will impress your self. It is so so simple and incredible, that you will begin making your own bread. And not only, you will also be skipping on the store-bought bread preservatives.

Serving size:
5 min
30 min
Ready in
35 min


Prepare ingredients for the bread.
Combine by tossing the dry ingredients together. Add in water in small portions. Stir in together with a spatula.
Stir in water. You can finish off by folding it all together by hand or just combine it all with a spatula. Place the dough into a large bowl, cover it with a plastic wrap or a lid and leave it on a counter, overnight.
The next day, dough will be bubbly, fluffy and a little sticky. Flour your hands and form one large or two small bread loafs. Place the loafs on a flour baking sheet, cover it with a towel and let it rise for about an hour.
Preheat the oven to 450F. You will need to have 2 shelves in an oven. Pour 2 cups of hot, boiled water into the deep cooking sheet. Place this cooking sheet on a lower level, inside your oven. This will make the bread crispy and make it rise more. Place the bread on the top level. Remove water from the oven after 10 minutes. Keep on baking bread for another 20-30 minutes (depending on the size of the bread).
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