Pelmeni  Recipe

I learned that Pelmeni originated from Siberia, no wonder my husband loves them so much :) He came to USA when he was nine years old. All they could do there in cold Siberia is most probably - make Pelmeni. :) Kids love them.

Serving size:
1 hr
20 min
Ready in
1 hr 20 min


For making the dough:
Sift the flour with salt onto a smooth clean surface or mixing bowl. Add eggs, mix the dough for a short bit and add water to the dough. You can combine it with your hands or using a Kitchen Aid mixer.
For the filling:
Combine ground meat, grated onion, salt and other seasoning - together. I often add pepper to the filling.
To assemble pelmeni:
To save time, I use “pelmenitsa”, a mold to make pelmeni. Roll out a flat piece of dough and place it on a floured “pelmenitsa” that’s covered with flour. Fill each hole with meat. Make one more flat, round piece of dough and place it on top. Sprinkle with flour and roll over it with a roller until each piece is separated. Flip it over and shake to get them all out of the “pelmenitsa”.
You can also make "pelmeni" by hand. Roll out dough, cut out small circles with cookie cutter. Place meat in the middle. Using your hands, seal, by pinching the edges together. Connect the two edges together.
To cook the pelmeni:
Bring a large pot of salted water or broth, for better flavor, to a boil, and load you pelmeni into the pot. They will be ready when they float to the top. Take the pelmeni out with a strainer and serve hot, drizzled in butter, vinegar and/or sour cream, in separate dishes, to be used as a garnish.

If you feel that you've made too many pelmeni, feel free to freeze them before they are cooked. They can be kept in a freezer for a long time.

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