These savory mashed potatoes are made from leftover mashed potatoes, cheese, eggs, and flour. They have the best creamy and cheesy flavor!

Mashed Potato Pancakes on a plate with herbs dipping sauce.

Back when we lived in Ukraine, potatoes were a staple in our diet. We had numerous creative and delicious ways to use potatoes, from potato pierogi to olivier potato salad — including any leftovers. My mom didn’t let any food go to waste, and repurposing leftovers was her specialty. Whenever we had leftover mashed potatoes, she would make these pancakes. Over the years, I tweaked my mom’s recipe and discovered a bit of cheese makes them even more flavorful — here’s my version of mom’s potato pancakes.

Use those leftovers! Leftovers from our easy creamy mashed potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes are perfect for this recipe.

What Are Mashed Potato Pancakes?

Mashed potato pancakes are pancakes made from leftover mashed potatoes. Eggs and flour are added to bind the ingredients and create a smooth, uniform texture. The eggs moisten the dough, while the flour creates a crispy exterior when fried. Cheddar cheese adds a creamy richness making these pancakes irresistibly good. Enjoy these delicious and savory pancakes for breakfast or any time of the day.

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How To Make Mashed Potato Pancakes

This recipe makes about 18 small pancakes. Feel free to make them larger or smaller, keeping in mind to adjust the cooking time accordingly.

  • Combine the ingredients: In a bowl, combine the potatoes, eggs, flour, and cheese. Mix until smooth.
  • Shape each pancake: Divide the mixture into 18 equal parts. Form them into flat pancake shapes.
  • Cook the pancakes: Cook the pancakes in oil on a pan set to medium heat. Fry each side until crispy and golden in color — about three minutes total.
  • Serve: Allow the cooked pancakes to rest on a plate lined with a paper towel. Serve while hot with your favorite toppings.

Tips for Mashed Potato Pancakes

Follow these tips to ensure the mashed potato pancakes are easy and flavorful. From preparing the dough to cooking, these tips will streamline the process.

  • Use cold mashed potatoes: Use cold mashed potatoes because they are easier to work with when shaping the pancakes.
  • Add more flour as needed: Depending on the type of potatoes used, the mixture may be sticky. Add more flour to decrease the stickiness.
  • Make small pancakes: Form small pancakes for easier flipping.
  • Season if needed: You may wish to add more salt or pepper depending on how the mashed potatoes were previously seasoned. Keep in mind cheddar cheese does add a bit of salty flavor as well.
  • Use good quality cheese: Good quality cheddar cheese adds more flavor. For extra fresh flavor, grate a block of cheese instead of using packaged shredded cheese.

Optional Add-ins

To enhance the mashed potato pancake flavor, or pack in more savory goodness, consider these add-ins.

  • Protein: Add chopped ham, turkey, or fried bacon for protein-filled pancakes.
  • Fresh herbs: Herbs incorporated into the pancake mixture or garnished on top add fresh flavor. Dill, chives, or green onions are classic herb and potato combinations.
  • Cheese: Substitute the cheddar cheese with Colby or Monterey Jack or use them in combination for more flavor.
  • Veggies: Add minced bell peppers for a slightly sweet flavor or jalapeños for a bit of heat.
  • Garlic and parsley: Add garlic and parsley seasoning to the mixture for a subtle garlic and herb flavor that’s perfect with potatoes.
Mashed Potato Pancakes with herbs and sauce.

Serving the Pancakes

Serve the mashed potato pancakes hot for the crispiest, fluffiest, and cheesiest flavor. Top with a dollop of tangy sour cream and garnish with your favorite herbs such as dill or green onion. For a delicious veggie side, add caramelized onions and fried mushrooms. To make a wholesome, savory breakfast, serve the potato pancakes alongside scrambled eggs and oven-baked bacon or air-fryer bacon. These pancakes are also a great addition to the breakfast charcuterie board which is a fun option to make for breakfast or brunch.

Storage & Reheating

It’s possible to have leftover pancakes made from leftover mashed potatoes. If that’s the case, store the leftover pancakes in the fridge to be reheated and enjoyed again.

  • Refrigerating: Keep the pancakes in an airtight container and store them in the fridge. Consume within a few days for optimal flavor.
  • Reheating: For the best results, reheat the pancakes on the stovetop. Place them on an oiled skillet over medium heat until warmed through. This ensures the pancakes retain a crispy exterior and soft center.


How do I keep mashed potato pancakes from falling apart?

To prevent mashed potato pancakes from falling apart, use enough of the binding agents (flour and eggs) and make smaller pancakes. Smaller pancakes are easier to flip, which in turn prevents them from breaking apart while flipping

What is the difference between mashed potato pancakes and latkes?

Mashed potato pancakes are made of leftover mashed potatoes, whereas latkes consist of grated raw potatoes.

How do you thicken mashed potatoes for potato pancakes?

To thicken the mashed potatoes for pancakes, use a thickening agent such as flour.

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