Beef Stew Gravy  Recipe

This beef gravy is flavorful and tender from a long cooking process. It does take quite a bit of time for cooking but preparation is very simple for this dish. The gravy goes well with many dishes such as mashed potatoes, rice, buckwheat, macaroni or barley. So I would suggest making some extra and by preparing something different to go with the gravy you will get a completely new dish.

Serving size:
25 min
1 hr
Ready in
1 hr 30 min


Cut meat into medium size pieces. Warm up oil on a cooking pan, add meat to the oil and brown all sides of meat.
Add diced carrots and onions, cook until they soften. Season with salt and pepper. To the cooking ingredients add hot boiling water, lower heat to a very low. Leave it cooking for at least an hour, meat will become nice and tender.
To the cooking ingredients whisk in flour, mix well so there wouldn't be clumps. Cook for another 10 minutes.
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