Chicken mushroom gravy is a total crowd pleaser. Juicy chunks of chicken are drowned in a rich, mushroom gravy in this quick and easy weeknight dinner.

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How to Make Chicken Gravy

  • Prepare all your ingredients. 
  • Cut mushrooms into chunks and brown them on a preheated oiled skillet. 
  • Add diced onions to the mushrooms. Cook until translucent. Set aside in a separate pot. 
  • Cook bite-sized chicken pieces until golden brown. Stir in flour until everything is combined together well. Add chicken mixture into the mushroom and onions. 
  • Bring the pot to medium-heat and add your cream and chicken broth. Let the ingredients simmer until the chicken is completely cooked through.

Homemade Chicken Gravy Without Flour

Don’t have any flour hanging around? No worries! Use a bit of cornstarch to thicken up the gravy when you’re in a pinch.  This is the perfect solution for all my gluten-free friends!

Serving Chicken Gravy

The sky’s the limit here, as this dish is so darn versatile. Check out a couple of our favorite dishes to pair with this rich gravy: 

  • Guilty Mashed Potatoes – Loaded with butter and heavy whipping cream, these mashed potatoes make the perfect bed for your gravy. 
  • Egg noodles, Brown Rice, White Rice or Buckwheat.
  • Cabbage Salad – Trying to keep things light? This cabbage salad is a refreshing contrast to your decadent chicken gravy. 
  • Caesar Salad – Tangy, crisp and chock-full of croutons, few dishes compare to a homemade caesar salad. 
  • Pickled Mushrooms – These mushrooms are always hanging out in my fridge. They add such a wonderful contrast to any meat-based dish. 
  • Marinated Tomatoes – Add several huge hunks of marinated tomatoes to your plate for a delicious serving of veggies. 

Making the Gravy in Advance

Feel free to make your gravy a day in advance. I actually recommend this! The time the gravy spends marinating in itself overnight will add an extra layer of flavor. 

Keeping Chicken Gravy Fresh 

Store your chicken in an airtight container to keep it fresh. When you’re ready to chown down, heat a saucepan to medium-heat. Add in your chicken gravy and stir it occasionally until warmed through. 

Side note: You could also freeze your chicken gravy for later use. Allow it to cool down completely before placing it in a freezer safe container. Allow it to thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Reheat it in a skillet over medium-heat. 

Other Mushroom and Chicken Dishes

Mushrooms and chicken are just so darn perfect for each other. Try your hand at making some of our other dishes that use this winning combination: 

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