Apricot Jam Recipe Recipe

Last year I've made a ton of Prune Jam, and it went quick. Guests asked for seconds and by the time we shared a few with family and friends, it was down to little.

Apricots are quite popular in foods, such as yogurt and jams, for its flavor. But also, apricots are no less flavorful and thus make a great candidate for jam.

This jam goes well with my boys' breakfast pancakes or waffles.

BTW - if you are afraid of canning, you will actually find it easier to do than making the morning pancakes. So don't worry, go for it and impress you loved ones!

This makes 1.5 quart of jam.

Serving size:
15 min
1 hr
Ready in
1 hr 15 min


Rinse apricots and cut them into halves. Place apricots into a pot, cover it with sugar and let it stand overnight. During this time, it will produce juice.
The following day, cook apricots until boiled. Once they are boiled, turn off the heat. Repeat by bringing them to a boil, 5-7 more times. Between each time, let apricots completely cool. This process will help thicken the jam. Be careful not to burn the jam, stir the ingredients often, don't forget about it (if you have a timer in the kitchen, it may come in handy)
If you prefer to have jam with no chunks of fruits, you can mash the apricots. When you bring the jam to boil for the last time, you should instantly place it into jars.
For canning you would need to sterilize jars; here is how it’s done. Wash all jars and lids, preheat oven to 215F, place all jars and lids into the oven, keep them there until they are all dry.
When you remove jars form the oven, they will be hot, place hot jam into the jars. Cover each one tight with a lid and turn jars upside-down for about an hour. Jam can be stored for several months in a cool place.
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