This delicious, quick apple cake recipe is made with fresh apples and olive oil for maximum moistness. The perfect fall treat!

Apple Cake on a serving tray

A Quick Apple Cake Recipe is a must on my blog. First of all, I live in the Apple state and second, these are the type of cakes my mama used to make in my childhood. As I’ve previously mentioned, we lived on a small farm and she had five kids, there was no time for fancy cake baking. This is the type of treat we had as little kids.

Speaking of apples, we love apples in desserts and fresh. Usually, we go through 10lb of apples in a week, while they’re in season, meaning right now. I am grateful because they get you a ton of great nutrients.

This quick apple cake comes out moist and really light. We love it and I think you will too 😉

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