These Southeast Asian-inspired salmon spring rolls are fresh, healthy, and virtually guilt-free. Perfect for dunking in your favorite sauce!

Spring rolls seem to be the “new hit” that I often come across on Instagram. I want to share the simplicity of this recipe with those of you that have never made it.

The cool part about spring rolls, is that you can roll up whatever you wish. Most common combinations I’ve seen are veggie, crab, shrimp and salmon. All though my favorite combination would have to be a creamy avocado and Cold Smoked Salmon paired together with fresh, crunchy veggies.

A little cool perk with this meal is that it’s filling and super healthy. We took some of those spring rolls on an eight mile hike with us, the other day, I ate two of them and felt stuffed. This article talks a little more about eating the right foods, Tips to Stay Full Longer.

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