Quick Pickled Cucumbers Recipe

Every year when cucumbers are in season we prepare quick pickled cucumbers. They are a bit different from canned pickles. The flavor of pickling is somewhere in between fresh and the pickled, but still slightly different.

If you are afraid of canning, this is an easy way to make a step towards it. Making your own homemade quick pickled cucumbers can not be any easier.

Serving size:
10 min
Ready in
48 min


Wash and snip off ends of cucumbers. Rinse dill and clean garlic cloves.
Put dill, cucumbers and garlic in the jar until it is full.
In a separate dish, dissolve salt with water. Pour water over cucumbers and make sure to bring the water all the way to the top. Cover it with a lid and let them sit in a room temperature for 48 hours. Once cucumbers are pickled, they can be stored in a fridge.
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