This avocado toast is made with creamy, mashed avocados spread over toasted bread. Layer it with our favorite toppings and in 10 minutes, you’ve got yourself an epic sandwich.

Avocado toast with different variety.

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What is Avocado Toast?

Avocado toast is exactly what it sounds like — avocados on toasted bread. Avocado toast combines the taste and texture of nutty and creamy mashed avocado with buttery toast. And it only takes ten minutes or less to prepare! Add a variety of other toppings to make this toast your own.

Avocado Toast with herbs.

How to Make the Perfect Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is extremely simple to make, you’ll be surprised why you don’t make it more often. Here’s an overview to get you started.

  • Spread butter on bread: Apply softened butter to bread slices.
  • Toast the bread: Preheat a skillet to medium low heat and toast the buttered bread until golden brown.
  • Mash the avocado: Peel, pit, and mash the avocado in a bowl. Spread onto toast and sprinkle with salt.
  • Apply more toppings (optional): Top it off with your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Epic Variations to Elevate the Toast

Nobody likes a boring toast. Step up your game with our favorite list of variations.

  • Egg: For added protein, fry an egg in the same skillet you toasted bread in. Make it scrambled, sunny-side up, over-hard — it’s your choice! Follow this easy guide for making hard boiled eggs in an air fryer.
  • Meat: Add a strip or two of bacon for added saltiness, crisp, and a savory flavor. Alternatively, transform the sandwich into smoked salmon toast using your favorite smoked salmon. Yum!
  • Cheese: Place your favorite sliced or shredded cheese on the toast for more calcium. Goat cheese and mozzarella are our favorites!
  • Veggies: For a veggie twist, add a sliced tomato, cucumber, red onion, chives, or sautéed mushrooms.
  • Seasoning and Herbs: Add more flavor to the avocado spread by adding everything bagel seasoning, red pepper flakes, black pepper, garlic powder, basil, or other fresh herbs.
  • Bread: Switch out the bread. Our favorite breads to use are sourdough bread, almost whole wheat bread, or country white bread.
  • Glaze: Add a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a sweet and tangy zing! Or for more spice, add a few drops of sriracha.

Hot tip: Make your avo-toast into an avo-sandwich! Place your favorite toppings between two pieces of avocado toast. Yum!

Four Avocado toasts.

A Few Quick Avo-Toast Tips

Check out these quick tips to help your avocado toast taste heavenly.

  • Toast on low heat: Toast the bread slices on low heat for a golden color. High heat can char and burn the toast too quickly.
  • Use a toaster: Skip the butter and skillet and use a toaster!
  • Aim for ripe avocados: For the best flavor and texture, use only ripe avocados. Ripe avocados are generally a dark green color and they yield to gentle pressure.
  • Store avocado leftovers: If you have a portion of a cut avocado left over, keep the avocado fresh using fresh & save bags. Alternatively, place the avocado flesh side down in a container filled with water, cover, and refrigerate. A third option is to sprinkle the exposed flesh with lime or lemon juice and tightly cover with plastic wrap, then refrigerate.
  • Ripen avocados quicker using other fruit: To quicken the ripening process, place the avocado in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana for two to three days, or until ripe. Alternatively, to slow ripening, keep avocado in the refrigerator.

Serving Ideas for Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is perfect for breakfast or as a snack. It is best enjoyed when freshly made. If having for breakfast, serve it with this sauteed potato and mushroom skillet, or egg bites. As a snack or appetizer, pair it with jalapeno poppers.

Making Avocado Toast Ahead-of-Time

To prepare avocado toast ahead of time, toast the bread slices and prepare any additional toppings (such as bacon, eggs, veggies). Store toppings in separate containers. Avoid cutting the avocado early to prevent the flesh from browning. Assemble the sandwich right before serving for best quality, flavor, and appearance.


Is avocado toast healthy?

Avocados are known to be a great source of vitamins, nutrients, and healthy fats, which can help a person feel fuller between meals. Adding avocado to toast helps make it a fuller meal with the added carbohydrates.

Are avocados and guacamole the same thing?

Avocados are the primary ingredient in guacamole. Guacamole is made of mashed avocado and other seasonings or vegetables such as tomatoes or jalapeños.

How do I ripen my avocados quicker?

Place the avocado in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana for 2-3 days, or until it is ripe. A natural plant hormone found in apples and bananas helps trigger the ripening process.

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