There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into this messy burger. From the gooey cheese to the sautéed veggies, it’s good to the very last messy bite!

Messy Burger

Okay…let’s be honest for a moment here. Sometimes a salad simply won’t do. Sometimes what you need is a big, messy burger that nearly puts you to sleep and makes you feel like a kid again. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

Preparing a Messy Burger

Making this simple messy burger only requires 10 ingredients and a little bit of prep. Bye, bye fast-food drive-thru!

  • Sauté the Veggies: Slice the onions and mushrooms and fry them over high heat in a skillet with the garlic olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper and set them aside.
  • Make the Burger Patties: In a large bowl mix the ground beef and burger seasoning with your hands and form the patties.
  • Cook the Burgers: Place the burgers into the skillet and cook them for 5 minutes on one side and 4 minutes on the other.
  • Assemble the Burgers: Next, place a slice of cheese on the bottom hamburger buns and top with the sautéed veggies and burger patties. Spread mayo and ketchup on the top buns and pop them on top of the burgers. Allow the burgers to rest for a couple of minutes and enjoy!

A Couple Handy Tips for the Perfect Messy Burger

Follow these 3 simple tips to nail your messy burger.

  • Cook the burgers in the same skillet as the veggies. The veggie drippings will lend so much flavor to the burgers as they cook. Whatever you do, don’t wash them out!
  • Don’t use any extra grease in the skillet. The leftover olive oil from the veggies and the natural fat from the burgers have more than enough grease to keep the burgers from sticking. There’s no need to add anymore – especially if you won’t the outside of the patty to get a nice crisp!
  • Use lean ground beef. Use a leaner ground beef to avoid your burgers from getting too greasy. Yes, this is a messy burger, but there are limits!

Love a bacon cheeseburger? Whip up some crispy air fryer bacon and pop it on the burgers. If you don’t have an air fryer, check out our guide on how to bake perfect bacon.

Different Sides to Serve Alongside Your Burger

For a classic, all-American meal, pair the messy burger with a pickle spear and a big side of air fryer french fries. If you prefer a salad, pair the burger with a creamy caesar salad or a classic garden salad (with homemade ranch dressing of course!).

Quick Special Sauce: Mix a little mayo with ketchup and relish for a quick and easy burger sauce.

How to Deal with Leftovers

If you don’t plan on eating your burgers right after preparing them, hold off on assembling them and store the patties and sautéed veggies in separate airtight containers. When stored properly, the patties should keep for up to 3 days.


How do you keep burgers from splattering?

The best way to keep the burgers from splattering oil all over you is to cook them on low heat.

How can you tell if a burger is too rare?

You can tell if the burger is too rare if it’s squishy when you push the spatula into the center. As a general rule of thumb, the firmer it is to the touch the more well done it is.

What’s the proper way to assemble a burger?

Start with the cheese on the bottom bun, followed by the burger patty and veggies. Next, spread the mayo, ketchup, mustard, or burger sauce on the top bun and stick it right on top.

What kind of ground beef should you use?

Opt for lean meat to prevent your burger from coming out too greasy.

What other cheeses can you use?

You can swap the slices of cheese out for blue cheese, cheddar cheese, or even feta cheese.

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