Air fryer pork chops are perfect for those on-the-go days. They’re so easy to make, just put them in and take them out. In under 25 minutes, you get to enjoy these pork chops.

Air Fryer pork chops on a plate with salad

Air fryer pork chops are so versatile, they can be put on top of pretty much any grains, potatoes, or salads.You could even put leftovers into your morning omelette. Delicious, versatile, easy and quick – it’s my favorite kind of recipe.

How to Cook Pork Chops in an Air Fryer

Cooking pork chops in an air fryer is a very easy process. Use your favorite seasoning or see my recipe below. Place pork chops in an air fryer; cook at 360°F for 15 minutes. Halfway through the cooking process, turn the pork chops.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Pork Chops in an Air Fryer?

Pork chops can take anywhere between 12-20 minutes to cook in an air fryer. This would depend how thick the pork chops are. I would suggest checking a few times during the cooking process. If you’re cooking bone-in pork chops, it might take a bit longer than boneless.

Chops are done when the internal temperature registers 145°F on your meat thermometer.

Pork chops with a plate and a fork

Air fryer recipes have became a staple in our home. We use our air fryer several times a week.

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