This tasty roundup of Mexican recipes features everything from juicy carne asada tacos to cilantro lime rice. You’re bound to find something you’ll love!

Collage of easy Mexican recipes

If you’re a Mexican food addict like us, you’re going to love these simple, Mexican-inspired recipes. From Taco Tuesday to an at-home Cinco de Mayo bash, there’s plenty to choose from to create your perfect spread.

Love Mexican food? Make your own homemade taco seasoning and have it on hand to spice up everything from savory meats to oven-roasted potatoes.

Traditional Components of Mexican Food

While Mexican food is as diverse as the country itself, there are some common components to Mexican cuisine that you’ll see pop up.

  • Dips & Salsa: Firstly, Mexican food is known for all it’s ultra-flavorful, citrusy dips and sauces. From creamy guacamole to a never-ending variety of salsas, you’ll find everything from salsa verde to picked cabbage, you’ll never get bored.
  • Fresh Corn or Flour Tortillas & Chips: Whether the tortilla is wrapped burrito-style, chopped and used for chilaquiles or served on the side, this flat flour or corn disc is super versatile and used in so many different ways.
  • Beans: From slow-cooked whole beans to creamy, mashed refried beans, legumes are a central part of the cuisine.
  • Rice: Depending on the region of Mexico, you’ll find a vast variety of different rice dishes. Spanish rice, which is typically made with tomatoes, chicken broth, onions and garlic, is often served side-by-side with refried beans.
  • Meats & Seafood: Without a doubt, Mexican food features a wide variety of delicious grilled and slow-cooked meats. Ranging from spicy pork to juicy shrimp tacos, the possibilities are endless…and delicious!

Dessert Tip: While we don’t have any sweets on our list, you can head to your local Mexican specialty store and pick up a tres leches cake or slice up fresh mango and sprinkle it with chili!

11 Super Simple Mexican Recipes

1. Cilantro Lime Rice (Chipotle Copycat)

If you’ve ever been to Chipotle, you know all about the cilantro lime rice that everyone seemed to fall in love with when they opened their doors. Made with fresh cilantro and lime juice, it’s the perfect base for burrito bowls and the perfect side dish.

Cilantro Lime Rice in a serving tray

2. Carne Asada Street Tacos

Secondly, these steak tacos are the epitome of Mexican street food. You’ll love how the citrusy marinade of lime and oranges complements the savory beef!

carne asada street tacos on a serving tray

3. Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe

Without a doubt, these Mexican stuffed bell peppers are perfect for meal prep. We stuff them with tender rice and black beans, they are super filling and perfect topped with a dollop of sour cream.

Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers on a baking dish

4. Easy Carne Asada Recipe

Fourthly, this recipe just focuses on the meat and makes for the best main Mexican dish. Use a couple slices as a topper for your favorite salad or use it for your favorite enchiladas recipe.

Sliced carne asada on the grilling pan

5. Easy Ground Beef Tacos (20 Minute Dinner)

If you’re on the hunt for a quick weeknight meal, these super tasty tacos only take 20 minutes to whip up and are 100% kid-friendly. Serve the meat tucked into either corn tortillas and flour tortillas!

Ground beef tacos on a tray with veggies and meat on the sides

6. Easy Chicken Fajitas Recipe

Chicken fajitas are one of our favorite Mexican recipes on the list! Why? They can be eaten as-is for a super easy, one-pan meal or you can serve them alongside Mexican rice, refried beans and tortillas.

Chicken Fajita in a skillet

7. Easy Chicken Quesadillas (Fajita Style)

These chicken quesadillas are perfect for a kid’s party or family move night. Most importantly, every time you pick up the tortilla, you’ll be mesmerized by the stringy, melted cheese, sautéed veggies and juicy chicken.

Cooked Quesadilla with salsa and lime

8. The Best Guacamole Ever (Video)

Our recipe for guacamole is made with the basics – avocado, jalapeno, garlic, tomatoes, lime and salt. Use it as a topper for just about any other entree on this list. That is to say, you can’t go wrong!

9. The Classic Pico de Gallo Recipe

Most certainly, pico de gallo is everyone’s favorite chunky salsa and a non-negotiable appetizer at most of our parties. The kicker? The longer it sits and marinates the more flavorful and deep the flavor gets. Best paired with the next recipe on the list….

The Classic Pico de Gallo in a bowl with vegetables next to it

10. Air Fryer Tortilla Chips (3 Ingredients)

While traditional tortilla chips are deep-fried in oil, these are made with a fraction of the fat in the air fryer. We like to use corn tortillas, but feel free to swap in flour tortillas if that’s more your style!

Air fryer tortilla chips and guac on the side

11. Black Bean and Corn Salsa Recipe

To sum it up, this black bean and corn salsa can be used as a dip or as a vegetarian taco stuffing. Above all, you’ll love all the textures and flavors!

Black bean and corn salsa in a bowl

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