• Vegetable Zucchini Spread Recipe

    3 months ago

    This Vegetable Zucchini Spread recipe has been my mom's favorite recipe for 20+ years. She loves to garden, so every year she makes this zucchini spread from the veggies she grows.

    We were visiting parents the other day and as always mom wanted to feed Tim. Something about Ukrainian moms trying to feed their kids, every time they visit. Well, he was smitten by this dish, asked me to...

  • Canned Green Tomato Salad Recipe

    4 years ago

    Last year one of my Instagram friends shared this canned tomato salad recipe with me. It was too late into the season and my mom's garden didn't have any tomatoes to spare. As a child I, remember eating green tomatoes, preserved, they were one of my favorite things. I don't care so much for canned red tomatoes, but the green ones are so delicious.

    I like having canned salads on hand for...

  • Apricot Jam Recipe

    4 years ago

    Last year I've made a ton of Prune Jam, and it went quick. Guests asked for seconds and by the time we shared a few with family and friends, it was down to little.

    Apricots are quite popular in foods, such as yogurt and jams, for its flavor. But also, apricots are no less flavorful and thus make a great candidate for jam.

    This jam goes well with my boys'...

  • Marinated Tomatoes

    4 years ago

    This recipe is a total bonanza! And surprisingly, only takes a few minutes to make. Thanks to our good friend, Vera, from Instagram, for sharing.

    My husband is no fan of tomatoes, so I would usually end up stacking away a few for myself. This recipe reintroduced tomatoes to him in a whole different way. Both of us ate at least two pounds of these, before it was done marinating.


  • Russian Canned Fish in Tomato Sauce

    4 years ago

    If you've ever shopped at an European market, you might have come across canned fish. It's served as a side dish or spread, typically with rye bread. This is an easy recipe for preparing canned fish at your own home, haste free and you get to control the ingredients.

    Your can use any fish you like for this recipe, including fish with small bones. Due to the long cooking time, bones are...

  • Pickled Vegetable Salad

    4 years ago

    This picked vegetable salad has been quite special to me; it was the star of my husband's and my engagement party. My sister was the one helping with all the food for the party and she happened to get this recipe from the chef. So now, almost nine years later, it's finally getting shared with you.

    This salad is balanced so well, with great amount of vegetables and perfect pickling...

  • Pickled Mushrooms

    5 years ago

    Many different, store-bought pickled mushrooms passed my table, but nothing so far made my taste buds dance around as much as these. Knowing that if I make my own mushrooms, I can control the ingredients and they will turn out just the way I want them to be.

    In this recipe I use very simple ingredients that you all most likely have at home. After pickling, you can serve them drizzled...

  • Prune Plum Jam

    5 years ago

    A friend of mine was kind enough to share fresh prune plums, right form the tree. Prune plums are especially amazing in Plum Pie, but in my case, I got more than I could handle, so I decided to make jam.

    The concept came from Natasha's Kitchen. It looked simple and...

  • Quick Pickled Cucumbers

    5 years ago

    Every year when cucumbers are in season we prepare quick pickled cucumbers. They are a bit different from canned pickles. The flavor of pickling is somewhere in between fresh and the pickled, but still slightly different.

    If you are afraid of canning, this is an easy way to make a step towards it. Making your own homemade quick pickled cucumbers can not be any easier.

  • Pickled Cabbage and Beets

    5 years ago

    This recipe comes from a friend of mine that I met through blogging, she also has Slavic background and now lives in Seattle. She also blogs recipes at Snacking in the Kitchen

    This recipe has grabbed my attention due to the fact that pickled cabbage was a huge part of my childhood. My parents had a ton of picked...