This simple steak quesadilla recipe is packed with juicy, tender steak and sautéed bell peppers and onions. So incredibly gooey, cheesy, & 100% kid-friendly!

Steak Quesadilla with veggies and dippings.

These tasty steak quesadillas are the perfect way to put your leftover steak to good use. Whip them up for a quick weeknight meal or add in some scrambled eggs to turn them into breakfast quesadillas. Whatever you do, make enough of them to share!

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The Best Kind of Steak for a Steak Quesadilla

Our favorite steak to use for steak quesadillas is ribeye. It’s perfectly marbled and super tender, making for such a smooth bite. Opt for either grilled ribeye or cast-iron ribeye for this recipe. You can even use leftover flank steak, sirloin steak, or skirt steak if you prefer leaner meat. If you are using a cast-iron ribeye for this recipe, make sure to use the same pan to cook the veggies in – it will add so much extra flavor!

Hot Tip: Take your beef filling to the next level by cooking it in our homemade taco seasoning.

How to Make a Perfect Steak Quesadilla

It only takes 30 total minutes to make these cheesy quesadillas! Here’s a quick overview of the process.

  • Sauté the Veggies: Preheat a skillet with oil over medium heat. Add in the chopped bell pepper and onion and sauté them until they soften.
  • Add in the Steak: Add the thin strips of steak to the veggies and sauté until golden. Set the mixture aside.
  • Assemble the Quesadilla: Into a clean skillet, add a bit of butter and place a tortilla on top. On half of the tortilla, add the cheese, steak mixture, and more cheese. Fold the tortilla over.
  • Flip the Quesadilla: Once the tortilla is golden, flip it over and cook the other side until golden. Repeat until all your quesadillas are cooked.
  • Serve the Quesadillas: Serve warm while the cheese is melty alongside your favorite dips. Dig in and enjoy!

3 Tips for the Nailing this Steak Quesadilla Recipe

To nail the quesadilla-making process, follow these 3 pointers along the way.

  • Always use precooked steak. Never use raw steak in your quesadillas. The lack of direct heat makes it impossible for the steak to cook properly. It’s always best to use leftovers!
  • Watch the quesadillas closely. Some stovetops run hotter than others, so be extra careful to ensure they don’t burn. Typically, cooking them over medium heat works great, but if yours are cooking too fast you might want to bring them down to medium-low heat.
  • Make your own homemade tortillas. To take the quesadillas to the next level, make homemade flour tortillas. Nothing compares to the texture!

Different Filling Ideas

If you want to get creative, experiment with different fillings and ingredients to make these quesadillas your very own.

  • Herbs: For an extra pop of flavor, add fresh cilantro or green onions to the quesadillas.
  • Veggies: Add in sautéed mushrooms or zucchini slices. For an extra pop of heat, add in some sliced jalapeño pepper.
  • Cheese: Exchange the Mexican cheese for Monterey jack or cheddar cheese.

Ideas for Serving

From dips to tasty side dishes, here are a couple of our favorite ways to serve these steak quesadillas.

Steak Quesadilla with avocado and dippings.

Storing & Reheating Tips

To keep your quesadillas on hand for up to 3 days, store them in an airtight container in the fridge. As they sit, the cheese will harden and they will lose their crispy crunch. To bring them back to life, reheat them in the oven at 350°F just until the cheese is melted. You can also reheat them in the air fryer if you have one.

Hot Tip: Avoid microwaving quesadillas to reheat them – they just turn out soggy!


What kind of cheese is best for steak quesadillas?

The best kind of cheese for steak quesadillas is shredded Mexican cheese. It tends to melt the best. However, you can use pretty much any other shredded cheese you like best, except for parmesan cheese (which doesn’t tend to melt super well).

How long does it take to cook a steak quesadilla on the stovetop?

It only takes about 2-3 minutes per side to cook a steak quesadilla on the stovetop over medium heat. This can vary depending on how hot your stovetop runs, so always be sure to check the tortilla by lifting it with your spatula to see when it turns golden brown before flipping it.

Can steak quesadillas be frozen?

Yes, you can freeze steak quesadillas. To do so, slice them into quarters and allow them to cool down completely. Assemble the quarters on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and pop the baking sheet into the freezer. Once completely frozen, transfer the quesadilla pieces into a freezer-safe bag for up to 3 months.

Can you make steak quesadillas in the oven?

Yes, you can make steak quesadillas in the oven. That said, they won’t get as crispy as they will in a pan on the stovetop, but it’s great when you are cooking for a large group. To do so, assemble the quesadillas in a single layer on a baking sheet and cook them for 5 minutes at 400°F on one side. Flip them over and cook them for 5-6 more minutes on the other side.

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