In this roundup, we share 21 brunch ideas that will make your Sunday the perfect balance of sweet & savory. All you have to do is gather your friends & fam!

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In recent years, brunch has gone viral. From Easter to Mother’s Day to a typical weekend day, getting together early is never a bad idea. There’s nothing like blending all the great things about a classic breakfast with the savory flavors of lunch into one meal on a lazy weekend. In this round up of brunch ideas, we’ll share some of our best and brightest brunch recipes to help you build the perfect Sunday menu.

A Typical Menu of Brunch Ideas

It’s hard to say what exactly a typical brunch menu is because you can get so creative. That said, most spreads contain a combination of the following goodies. 

  1. Eggs Dishes: From egg breakfast casseroles to frittata to eggs benedict slathered in hollandaise sauce, a solid egg dish is always welcome at brunch. You can’t go wrong! 
  2. Toast & Jam: An assortment of toast, butter and jam pairs perfectly. You can go hearty with honey wheat bread or keep it classic with a white country bread, bagels, english muffins and biscuits.  
  3. Sweet Treats & Pastries: It wouldn’t be brunch without pancakes and maple syrup, french toast, muffins, banana bread, oatmeal, carrot cake and other sweet baked goods.  
  4. Potatoes: From sheet pan roasted potatoes to hash browns drenched sausage gravy, a crispy spud dish always has a place on the menu. 
  5. Savory Meats: Whether it’s bacon, ham,  sausage or a leg of lamb, a super savory meat dish is the perfect complement to the sweet treats on the menu. 

When to Serve Brunch

Brunch is typically served in a timeframe that spans breakfast and a late lunch. Most restaurants serve it between 11 am and 3 pm. It’s the perfect meal for those that don’t get super hungry right when they wake up and build up an appetite into the early afternoon. 

21 Brunch Ideas to Inspire You

1. Easy Brioche Bread

This super simple recipe for braided brioche bread makes for the perfect brunch toast. Pair it with homemade apricot jam or raspberry jam and some high quality European butter. We love Kerrygold or Plugra.

Brioche bread broken apart
Easy Brioche Bread
This easy brioche bread recipe will help you make bakery-worthy brioche with ease. Fluffy, airy, and perfect for everything from sandwiches to French toast!
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brioche bread

2. Easy Breakfast Quiche

Nothing screams good brunch ideas like a classic quiche. This recipe features a crispy crust packed with eggs, bacon, mushrooms and melty mozzarella cheese. Super customizable, feel free to add in tomato, spinach or any other veggies you love.

Slice of Breakfast Quiche on a plate
Breakfast Quiche
Breakfast quiche is the answer to all your breakfast prayers! This savory breakfast pie is sure to become a staple in your home.
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breakfast quiche with mini breakfast quiche

3. The Best Asparagus Quiche Recipe

Another amazing quiche recipe for the books. This vegetarian egg pie is made with fresh, earthy asparagus and a combination of mozzarella and feta cheese.  

Asparagus Quiche in a baking pan
The Best Asparagus Quiche Recipe
This asparagus quiche is perfect for everything from Easter brunch to a casual weekday. Make it with store bought pie crust for less prep time!
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Asparagus Quiche in a baking pan

4. Air Fryer Bacon – Everything You Need to Know

If you want to make bacon without all the splattering grease, air fryer bacon is the answer to your prayers. It comes out perfectly crispy each and every time and requires minimal cleanup.  

Air Fryer Bacon (Always Perfectly Crispy)
This recipe for air fryer bacon is a mess-free, quick way to prepare perfectly crispy bacon. A must for everything from breakfast to BLTs!
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Crispy bacon on a tray

5. The BEST Stuffed French Toast

Calling all french toast addicts! This decadent french toast is packed with an irresistible cream cheese custard and plump fresh blueberries. The perfect balance of sweet and salty and on of your new favorite brunch ideas.

Stuffed French toast on a plate with berries
Stuffed French Toast Recipe
Wake up to a sweet and satisfying French toast for breakfast! This Stuffed French Toast is golden brown and crispy, filled with a rich and creamy filling. You will jump out of bed faster each morning to get your hands on this deliciousness!
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Stuffed French toast on a plate with berries

6. Cottage Cheese Pancakes (Quick & Easy)

This isn’t your mom’s cottage cheese recipe. These perfectly sweet and salty pancakes will have you rethinking what these tasty curds can do. Trust us, you’re going to be obsessed!

Cottage cheese pancakes on a plate
Cottage Cheese Pancakes
Cottage Cheese Pancakes are to-die-for! They have wonderfully crispy edges and a melty center that will have you HOOKED.
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Cottage cheese pancakes on a plate with berries

7. The Best Blueberry Scones (Video)

This recipe for blueberry scones comes straight out of my grandma’s cookbook and is always high up on our list of brunch ideas. Moist and the perfect balance of butter and puckery blueberries, it’s impossible to eat just one.

The Best Blueberry Scones Story Poster Image
The Best Blueberry Scones
Our family has been enjoying this blueberry scone recipe for generations. Always flakey, always moist and perfectly tart!
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Blueberry scones on a towel

8. No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls (So Easy)

Homemade cinnamon rolls were never so easy. With absolutely no need to put you forearms to the test, these cinnamon-y sweet rolls will disappear quicker than you can make them.

No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls (So Easy) Story Poster Image
No-Knead Cinnamon Rolls (So Easy)
This super simple recipe for no-knead cinnamon rolls is so soft, fluffy and sweet. Packed with cinnamon & sugar and topped with cream cheese frosting!
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cinnamon rolls with cream cheese on top

9. Starbucks Morning Buns (Copycat)

If you love cinnamon rolls, you’re sure to appreciate a honey bun. This recipe is a copycat of Starbucks’ famous morning bun and we have to say – it’s pretty darn spot on and one of our top brunch ideas.

Morning buns in a baking sheet
Starbucks Morning Buns (Copycat)
This copycat recipe for Starbucks' world-famous morning buns is made with a no-knead dough, and is beginner friendly.
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Morning buns in a baking sheet

10. Grandma’s Strawberry Scones

Another one of grandma’s famous scone recipes, these strawberry scones are the perfect addition to your summer brunch. You’ll love the combination of sweet berries and tangy sour cream!

strawberry scones on a tray
Grandma’s Strawberry Scones
Looking for a great tasting, easy to make strawberry scones recipe? Nothing says "summertime" quite like this delicious berry scone.
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strawberry scones on a tray

11. Brioche Bread Pudding

There’s nothing like a crusty bread pudding fresh out of the oven. In this recipe, we alternate layers of eggy brioche with chocolate chips and slices of fresh pair. Crazy good!

Brioche Bread Pudding (Crazy Easy)
This brioche bread pudding is baked to perfection with thinly sliced pears and chocolate chips. The custard will have your mouth watering!
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12. Sweet Cheese Blintzes Recipe (Filled Crepe)

If you’ve never had a blintz before, it’s basically a crepe that’s filled with a decadent sweet cheese mixture. In this recipe, we use traditional, Slavic farmer’s cheese spiked with granulated sugar.

Sweet Cheese Blintzes Recipe (Filled Crepe) Story Poster Image
Sweet Cheese Blintzes Recipe (Filled Crepe)
A classic cheese blintzes recipe with a creamy farmer's cheese filling. Perfect eaten as-is or with an assortment of toppings!
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Cheese Blintzes on a plate

13. Baked Rice Pudding with Condensed Milk

Rice pudding has never been so decadent. If the creamy, sweet pudding wasn’t enough, we add a layer of sweetened condensed milk on top that caramelizes as it bakes in the oven.

Baked rice pudding in a pan
Baked Rice Pudding with Condensed Milk
This recipe for baked rice pudding with condensed milk is speckled with golden raisins and lightly sweet. Pure comfort food!
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Baked rice pudding in a pan with a serving spoon

14. Buttermilk Waffles (Video)

If you’re on the hunt for a classic buttermilk waffle recipe, look no further. This recipe is as all-American as it gets and is perfect for topping with everything from fried chicken to lemon curd to maple syrup.

Waffles with berries on a plate
Quick Buttermilk Waffles
These quick buttermilk waffles are melt-in-your mouth delicious. Fluffy, airy and so crispy on the outside, this classic breakfast treat has never been more perfect.
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Waffles with berries on a plate

15. Instant Pot Egg Bites

Another Starbucks copycat, these Instant Pot egg bites require absolutely no oil whatsoever and are a great brunch idea. Perfect for weekly breakfast meal prep, whip up a huge batch on Sunday and have them on hand throughout the week for easy grab-and-go meals.

Instant Pot Egg Bites
These Instant Pot egg bites are the perfect protein-packed way to start your day. Customizable, perfect for meal prepping, and crazy easy!
Check out this recipe
cut egg bites on the plate

16. Breakfast Quesadillas (Only 5 Ingredients)

Sometimes the only thing that will hit the spot is a cheesy quesadilla. Who says you can’t have this for breakfast? If you add an egg, it’s the perfect morning meal to pair alongside pico de gallo.

prepared Quesadillas with salsa
Breakfast Quesadillas (Only 5 Ingredients)
These easy breakfast quesadillas are a simple combination of flour tortillas, scrambled eggs, and shredded cheese.
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prepared Quesadillas with salsa

17. Twice-Baked Chocolate Croissants

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve landed on the brunch idea for you. Using store bought croissants, these treats come together in a pinch. You’ll love the combination of chocolate chips and creamy Nutella!

Croissants on a plate
Twice-Baked Chocolate Croissant
These twice-baked chocolate croissants will transport you right to the streets of Paris! Skip out on the hard work and get amazing results!
Check out this recipe
Croissants on a plate

18. The BEST Chocolate Babka Recipe

Chocolate babka is a sweet braided bread that’s popular in Jewish cuisine. It’s made by rolling a yeasted dough with a chocolate filling and then braiding the pieces together. 

babka sliced into pieces
The best Chocolate Babka Recipe
This tasty chocolate babka is a classic Eastern European bread that’s lightly sweet and swirled with chocolate. So easy to make and a real work of art!
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slices of babka

19. Quick Poppy Seed Rolls (Video)

These poppy seed rolls are made with our famous traditional Slavic poppy seed filling. Buttery, sweet and the perfect brunch idea!

Poppy seed rolls on a plate
Quick Poppy Seed Rolls
Poppy Seed Rolls make for the perfect breakfast, snack or dessert. This recipe is amazing because it requires NO rising time.
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Poppy seed rolls on a plate

20. The Perfect Crepes Recipe (Video)

If you love crepes, get ready to fall in love all over again. This foolproof recipe is not only a how-to guide and a great brunch idea, but a recipe for some of the most scrumptious crepes you’ll even bite into.

The Perfect Crepes Recipe (Video Tips)
Are you looking for a foolproof crepes recipe? Look no further. With just 5 ingredients, they come out perfect each & every time & are fully customizable.
Check out this recipe
Crepes on a tray, berries and nutella

21. Potato Pancakes Recipe

Brunch wouldn’t be complete without a savory potato pancakes dish. Top them with sour cream or slather them in cream cheese with smoked salmon and a sprinkle of dill. To make the process a breeze, whip them up in our fav crepe pan.

Grandma’s Potato Pancakes Recipe (Eastern European)
This potato pancake recipe only requires a handful to create these staple Eastern European dish. Crispy, comforting, and so satisfying, they’re a real treat!
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Potato Pancakes Recipe

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